Our directional drilling services can accommodate horizontal directional drilling jobs anywhere.

Typical Applications for Directional Drilling Services:

Installation of conduit to carry electrical, telecom or irrigation lines.


Directional drilling is a technique that uses an above ground drill machine to bore under a road or other obstacles using a radio transmitter to track the location of the front of the drill bit. After the drill reaches its desired destination, the utility casing or conduit is back reamed (pulled back) to the bore’s point of origin. Having the proper directional drilling equipment is vital to the success of the horizontal directional drilling project.


Typical bores can use up to 12” conduit and be as long as 500’. Longer bores can be created with special directional drilling equipment and may require additional directional drilling services to be applied.


  • Soil conditions
  • No pit required
  • Can install multiple conduits at once
  • PVC, HDPE or steel conduit only
  • Guided bit offers real-time control

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